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Maiaide's Writing Journal
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Twenty-three, Canadian, lived in Singapore for almost ten years when I was a kid. I speak two and a half languages and been to countless countries and now live in Japan, also known as the Land of the Shiny.
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Stage 1902 is the writing journal of maiaide. I made this journal to keep my writing organized and pretty and on hand. Membership is open but posting is not. However, feel free (and encouraged!) to comment at length. :D
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You've probably seen my work on arashirabu or jent_fanfics, so you probably know that I like to write rainbowy-gay Arashi fanfiction. If you came here by other means, you are hereby warned: If gay makes you squeemish, take it elsewhere. I don't want to hear it. I love arashi of all shapes and sizes; Ohmiya and Sakuraiba for the win.

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The people I play with write about are just that, real people. I am in no way affliated with them or know them. I wish, but doesn't everyone? Scenarios and situations are of my own making. Coincidences are coincidental. I don't make money off of this nor plan on it in the future. This is practice for when I do write a book down the road.
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