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Fic Index

Drabbles and short pieces under 1,000 words.

title words rating pair
Cohabitation 986 PG Nino/Jun
Morning Rituals 350 G Aiba/Sho
What a Feeling 597 G Sho/Ohno
Only Human 638 G Gen
Graduation 305 G Gen
Exercises in Humanity 500 G Gen
Waiting 850 PG Sho/Nino
Just Do It 721 R Aiba/Nino
Hands-on Experimentation ~200 PG Aiba/Haruna Ai
Ohmiya Drabble ~480 PG Ohno/Nino
Sakumoto Drabble ~250 G Sho/Jun
Simplicity ~1000 R Ohno/Nino/Sho
Lazy Sunday ~275 PG Ohno/Nino

Long one-shots and sequels over 1,000 words.

title words rating pair
Strip Trip 5,305 R Gen
In-Flight Service 2,023 R Ohno/Nino
Mile High: In-Flight Service II 3,240 NC-17 Ohno/Nino
Your Love Song 1,582 G Aiba/Sho
Maybe If... 2,098 PG Aiba/Sho
Field of Flowers 2,188 NC-17 Aiba/Jun
Millions of Peaches 3,095 NC-17 Aiba/Sho
3:21 1,845 NC-17 Aiba/Sho
Anger Management 2,385 NC-17 Aizawa/Hiyama
Captivation; Perfection. 1,600 R Sho/Ohno
Baby 8,421 R Sho-centric
What If (Remixed here.) 3,205 R Aiba/Jun
The Stroking of Boys 4,941 NC-17 Aiba/Ohno/Sho
Brilliance 2,147 R Nino/Miharu (OC)
Reverse 1,123 PG Ohno/Nino
One of Those Days 1,375 R Jun/Nino
Self-Preservation (Remix) ~3,500 PG Jun/Nino
Life & Coffee Spoons 15,000 PG Ohno/Nino
You're Still Not Dying ~2,700 PG Ohno/Nino
Slowly Falling ~3,000 G Aiba/Nino
A Pirate's Life ~4,800 NC-17 Ohno/Nino
The whole is more than the sum of its parts. ~1,400 PG Kame/Jin


Equilibrium (Sho/Aiba, Ohno/Nino) [Complete]
A reluctant samurai fights for love and home as life teeters on the brink of a civil war.

Chapter 1 PG 2,707
Chapter 2 PG 2,517
Chapter 3 R 4,144
Chapter 4 PG 2,977
Chapter 5 PG 3,368
Chapter 6 PG 2,400
Chapter 7 PG 1,646
Chapter 8 R 5,180
Chapter 9 R 3,530
Chapter 10 PG 2,566
Chapter 11 R 2,904
Chapter 12 & Epilogue PG 4,052

Without Words (Ohno/Nino) (Complete... for now.)
What if you could never hear his voice again?  How would you feel if it was his fault?

One PG 739
Two PG 1,732

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