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Ohmiya and Sakumoto drabbles

I wrote stuff! Filled some requests. I hope these satisfy.

Ohno/Nino | PG | ~480 words
For honeypuffed

“Round? Sharp? No, they aren’t sharp. …Jutting? Uh, that sounds awful.”

Nino angrily crosses out all the words he’d managed to write in the last twenty minutes. He tears the page from his notebook with a frustrated growl and crushes it with both hands into a little ball. “Shit! This is all shit!”

He hurls the paper ball across the room; it sails for a few feet and tumbles lightly, miserably to the ground. Unsatisfied, Nino throws his pen at the wall next; at least that makes some noise on impact—a small crunch of the clip breaking.

He grumbles again and tosses the notebook aside carelessly. It lands face open on the carpet, pages bent and sticking out from underneath the cover. He flops down onto his back, turning away from the mocking whiteness of the pages, as if giving his stationery the silent treatment will somehow make the words flow better.

He’s too busy sulking to notice that Ohno has stepped into the room and stopped in front of the victimized wad of paper in the middle of the floor. He picks it up and smoothes out the wrinkles against his thigh.

At the sound of paper being uncrinkled, Nino whips around. There’s a look of pure guilt on his face, like he’d been caught with his hand down his pants, eyes wide and ears turning a lovely pink.

“Don’t read it!” he cries, jumping up and scrambling for the paper in Ohno’s hand. “It’s not finished yet…” He trails off as Ohno keeps him at arms length and holds the paper out of reach, continuing to read. Rescuing the mangled page is almost as futile as it was manipulating the words on it, so Nino soon gives up fighting—especially when Ohno’s face cracks into a goofy grin.

“‘What I Like About Oh-chan…’s Hips?’” he reads through the creases.

“‘They hold up nice jeans but still make it look like they’ll almost fall off. They dance even when he isn’t. A good resting place for hands. The best spot for tickling. A comfortable presence on the couch beside me.’”

When Ohno finishes, Nino’s pouting and irritated; Ohno can’t help but smile. “You wrote a list about my hips?”

“It’s not a list; it’s a poem. And I told you, it’s not finished yet,” is the short reply. Nino snatches the paper from Ohno’s fingers and scowls at all the things he’d scribbled out.

“You wrote a poem? About my hips?”

“I just… wanted to. But it’s no good; the words won’t come out right.”

Ohno takes back the paper and folds it delicately into quarters and tucks it into the breast pocket of his shirt, right over his heart. “No one’s ever written me poetry before.”

Nino looks stricken and pained to let the piece of subpar verse go. “But it’s—”

“I think it’s perfect,” Ohno says and kisses Nino on the cheek.

Jun/Sho | G | ~270 words
For oviparous

"What is the use of having a laundry basket," Sho looked up from the sock that he was holding between his thumb and forefinger, "when you kick all your clothes under the bed?"

Jun flipped his magazine nonchalantly. "The cleaning person comes every Wednesday and helps me take out the laundry. Don't worry about it."

"Your cleaning person is me," Sho spat.

“Well, if you don’t want the job, just say so,” Jun replied without so much as casting a glance in Sho’s direction. “I’m sure there are plenty of people who could use the money.”

“But you don’t pay me. I lost a bet.”

“Then why are you complaining?”

“I—” Sho refused to argue anymore; he was getting nowhere. He sighed heavily and threw a dust covered shirt into the basket, along with some boxers, one sock and a pair of denim shorts that Jun swore Aiba had stolen.

“I think there might be some more laundry in the hall closet.”


“I may or may not have let Aiba raid my wardrobe the other day.” As if that explained why Sho found some track pants and a beach towel tucked behind Jun’s suitcase.

“Did you also tell him to hide clothes in the most inconspicuous places? These pants aren’t even yours!”

“I may or may not have.” Jun looked up from his magazine and pulled a face. “Ugh, as if I would ever wear camouflage. Oh, you might want to check the freezer too. He mentioned hearing that wearing chilled underwear makes you feel cooler in the summer.”

Sho wondered briefly if braining himself on the kitchen door would be less painful that putting up with this insanity for the next two weeks.
Tags: #drabble, p: jun/sho, p: nino/ohno
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