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Some writing for yous.

Title: Hands On Experimentation
Pairing: Aiba/Haruna Ai
Notes: Written for the last? Rare Pair Anonymeme. There were 8 pages of prompts and not even half of them got written from what I can see. Rather disappointing. There were a few that I wanted to try my hand at but this is the only one I wrote. It's really short and blah but it's writing. I need to start writing something for my Japan novel. I should read more Peter Mayle. ♥

“Can I touch them?”

“Ara~ Really? Alright.”

No one should have been surprised when Aiba propositioned their guest after filming. They should have been even less surprised that Haruna Ai had said yes. With little shame or embarrassment, Aiba got to second base back stage, discussing the differences between natural and implanted breasts.

“Wow, these feel amazing,” he commented as he massaged her chest over her lace top.

“Ah~ thank you.”

“It’s hard to tell that they aren’t natural.”

“Well, that is the idea,” she replied with a wink.

“How about sensitivity?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, for you. The nipples. When you do your Ayaya sketch and do the nipple thing… can you feel that?”

“Actually, I have more sensitivity in the right one but yes, I can feel it. Actually, what you’re doing right now feels kind of good.”

And that’s when Sho hauled Matsujun and Nino off down the hallway, away from the inappropriate fondling (and possible sexual harassment suit).

Aiba joined them half an hour later when they were being driven to their next job. When he started to describe in graphic detail the difference in feeling between a natural and constructed vagina, there was no where for Sho to run. All he could do was cower against the passenger window with his fingers in his ears, begging to be let out of the car.

Tags: #drabble, + aiba-centric
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