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Title: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
Rating: PG
Group/Pairing: KAT-TUN; Akame
Warnings: None
Notes: My first foray into writing KAT-TUN. Thanks to littlealex for making sure I didn't assassinate anyone's character.
Link to Original Story: three a.m.
Link to Original Writer: lonelyxlovers

I can’t sleep. There's too much white noise: the rattle of the refrigerator pipes, the echoing drip of the bathtub faucet, the drunkards on the corner whistling at the working girls on the corner—or maybe someone’s hailing a taxi. I can't tell; this isn’t my apartment. Collapse )
27 August 2010 @ 07:22 pm
Title: A Pirate's Life
Pairing/Group: Jun/Nino (Arashi)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (AU, language, light bondage)
Word Count: ~4,800
Summary: Captain Matsumoto Jun and his crew of sky pirates take a sojourn in Arcadia. 1st Mate Nino gets himself into a bit of a tight spot.
Notes: For the 2010 je_fqfest exchange. This story worked my last nerve. It's pretty last minute so I apologize for that. There's a bit of action in there too, which I'm not very good at, but I tried. This AU is loosely based on the world from Final Fantasy 12. Thanks to aeslis for the last minute beta! gimmick_game, I hope you like this.

Captain's LogCollapse )
25 March 2010 @ 10:48 pm
Title: Slowly Falling
Pairing: Ohmiya
Word count: ~2,700
Summary: An artist meets a musician with the help of the city.
Notes: This was inspired by a routine from So You Think You Can Dance season 5, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I started writing and before I knew it was nearly 3,000 words... but I don't know where I want to go with it yet. But it's been sitting on my computer for about 6 months now so I figured I'd share. Trying out a different kind of style; con/crit is greatly appreciated. :3

The breeze is cool, ruffling hair and rustling leaves, blurred with the hum of cars impatient with passengers inside hoping to make it through the intersection before the next light turns red.Collapse )
24 March 2010 @ 01:03 pm
Title: You're Still Not Dying
Rating: PG
Group/Pairing: Arashi (Aiba/Nino)
Warnings: Genderswitch, menstruation, first person pov
Summary: Aiba becomes a girl.
Notes: Written for littlealex for the spring cycle of jentfic_remix. This went through 3 rewrites and a deadline extension before I was happy enough to submit it. My first attempt at genderswitch. Thanks so much to Lydia and Aes for all their help.
Link to Original Story: You're Not Dying by littlealex

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
-- William Congreve, The Mourning Bride (1697)

I'm sure my brother's girlfriend did this to me. That's the only explanation I can come up with.Collapse )
14 January 2010 @ 06:54 pm
Okay, so this is completely the fault of primroseshows and her Sakurap. I've actually wanted to do this for a long time and so we started to collab on this. We were gushing over her Natalie spoof and I even put some lines of it into the fic I wrote for her (how she didn't know it was me still boggles my mind).

Rated F for Fucking Awesome and if you don't watch SNL, you won't get this.

What you wanna do, Nino?Collapse )
09 January 2010 @ 09:47 am
The JE Fanfiction Feedback & Concrit Meme
Tell me what YOU think of my writing here!

Haha, yes, I'm totally reposting this. Why not? After my last work, I want to improve even more! I should post some more snippets from On Writing Well... except that I can't because I took it back to Canada. *headdesk*
08 January 2010 @ 11:52 am
Title: Life & Coffee Spoons; Part 2
Pairing/Group: Arashi; Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 15,000. Epic.
Warnings: A couple of cameos and throw-away OC extras in the background.
Summary: A story of five guys, self-realization, determination, love and caffeine.

Life & Coffee Spoons Part 2Collapse )
08 January 2010 @ 11:45 am
Title: Life & Coffee Spoons
Pairing/Group: Arashi; Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 15,000. Epic.
Warnings: A couple of cameos and throw-away OC extras in the background.
Summary: A story of five guys, self-realization, determination, love and caffeine.

Notes: Coffee house AU for je_holiday 2009 (original post). This wouldn't have happened without aeslis. Many thanks to my beta team, articulation, g_esquared and oviparous. See if you can spot the references to T.S. Eliot, Saturday Night Live and Empire Records.

For primroseshows, you asked for "[R]oles! ... a story that deals with something developing. If there is conflict (and I hope there will be), I'd like to see it resolved. Happy endings please! It is Christmas." I hope this delivers. ♥

"Over second and third cups flow matters of high finance, high state, common gossip and low comedy. [Coffee] is a social binder, a warmer of tongues, a soberer of minds, a stimulant of wit, a foiler of sleep if you want it so. From roadside mugs to the classic demi-tasse, it is the perfect democrat." – The New York Times, 1949

Life & Coffee Spoons, Part 1Collapse )

Part 2.
13 August 2009 @ 02:51 pm
Title: Self-Preservation
Group/Pairing: Arashi – Nino/Jun
Rating: PG
Word count: ~3,500
Summary: Nino takes Jun on one last trip to Hong Kong.
Notes: Originaly posted here for jentfic_remix. This story really struck a chord with me and I wanted to write it from Nino’s point of view since we have no idea what was going through his head. There was so much I wanted to do with it! I hope that I managed to keep the tone and pace of the original.
Original Story: On Love, In Sadness by mrsatterthwaite

You should also take a look at the fic littlealex wrote for me. It's absolute ♥!

Have you ever wanted something so much...Collapse )
30 July 2009 @ 02:40 pm
Pairing: Shomiya
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1000
Summary: Nino has a surprise waiting for him at home and it's just what he wanted.
Notes: Originally written for sei_shoku's Nino's Birthday Surprise contest in June. The makings of great porn. I was struck by this idea and I think it really shows a different dynamic of our OT3. :3

Sleepytime boyfriends ♥Collapse )